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"Listening to and watching this is like floating...full of wonder. Listening to this with eyes closed is like watching you paint, but with your voice.

Evocative, provocative, and haunting."

 - Ramanuj Basu

"Phenomenal talent.

This made me think of our beautiful son who passed away recently, we can only hope and dream and pray he is flying with the angels over the oceans, mountains and forests he loved so much and that you have so brilliantly depicted here."

 - Kathy Rogers

"A very meditative and haunting piece. You have a gift for the spiritual portals."

 - Basic Bravo (YouTube Channel)





"Your painting is stunning. It catches the light beautifully and there are nuanced complexities that continue to reveal themselves.

The painting reminds me of a hope fulfilled. I'm filled with gratitude every time I see it."


  - Bethany Cochran (Artist)



"The painting is miraculous! You are a miracle worker. My husband, who knows nothing about art at all, stood and admired your painting for a few minutes when I first hung it up and commented on how beautifully it complimented our foyer. 

Thank you so much!"


- Morgan Lovell



"I had some friends over the other night. They disappeared and I found them in the living room staring at your painting. They said every time they come over, they love to just gaze into it and it relaxes them."


- Samantha Stone

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